Inspired by the perfectly balanced light lagers of Central Europe, we set out to brew a Pilsner to be proud of. The result is a crisp and refreshing beer that’s brewed with 100% barley malt and imported Hallertauer hops.


Beer Details

Style: Pilsner
Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfruh
Malts: Pilsner and Vienna
Yeast: BRBC Lager Yeast
ABV: 5
IBU: 25
Color: Straw

Serving Methods

  • Draft
  • 6-Pack

General Pairing

Spicy foods, traditional German fare

Cheese Pairing

Havarti, Jack

Protein Pairing

Poultry, Beef, Pork, Seafood
  • Great American Beer Festival Bronze 2014
  • Great American Beer Festival Bronze 2008
  • CA State Fair Bronze 2017
  • CA State Fair Silver 2015
  • CA State Fair Silver 2009
Double Aught™

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