Racer X is an uncommon Double India Pale Ale which puts a California twist on English brewing traditions by adding an assertive hop aroma and bitterness that compliments the firm malt backbone. Like its little brother Racer 5, Racer X is balance in a bottle.

Beer Details

Style: Double IPA
Hops: Cascade, Columbus, Centennial
Malts: American and English pale ale, American crystal, wheat, and flaked rice
Yeast: BRBC Ale Yeast
ABV: 8.3
IBU: 100
Color: Copper

Serving Methods

  • Draft
  • 22 oz. Bottles

General Pairing

Barbeque, spicy foods, bold cheeses

Cheese Pairing

Hard cheeses, aged cheeses such as cheddar

Protein Pairing

Beef, Poultry, Pork
  • CA State Fair Silver 2012
  • CA State Fair Silver 2008
  • CA State Fair Silver 2007
  • CA State Fair Bronze 2009
Racer  X®

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