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Sonoma County, CA—Bear Republic Brewing Company® is excited to announce that their Pilsner, Double Aught™, will now be available year-round in six-packs.



A popular summer beer, Double Aught™ was first conceived after a long brew day during one of our scorching hot days here in Sonoma County.
Previously only available in draft, Double Aught™ will be released to all available markets beginning this month.



About the Beer:

Double Aught™ is a two-time bronze medal winner at the Great American Beer Festival® (GABF) in the Bohemian-Style Pilsner Category. Additionally, this beer is a two-time silver medal winner at the California State Fair Commercial Beer Competition in the Pilsner Category.



Bear Republic’s Master Brewer Peter Kruger states, “While this beer has won two bronze medals at GABF® in the Bohemian Pilsner category, it definitely walks the line between that and the German Pilsner style.”



Kruger continues, “Whatever you call it, a fresh tapped keg of this beer is always the first to blow at the brewery taps when the weather heats up. It’s crisp with just the right balance of bready maltiness and spicy hops.”



Beer Description: Inspired by the perfectly balanced light lagers of Central Europe, we set out to brew a Pilsner to be proud of. The result is a crisp and refreshing beer that’s brewed with 100% barley malt and imported Hallertauer hops. Prost!



Pairing Suggestions: Spicy Foods, Traditional German fare, Poultry, Beef, Pork, Seafood, Havarti and Jack Cheeses.
Availability: 12oz. Six-Packs and Draft
Hops: Hallertauer
ABV: 5.0% – IBUs: 25 – Pilsner



Double Aught™ six-packs will be available locally at the Healdsburg brewpub starting Friday, June 17.



To find out where you can buy a six-pack near you, visitwww.bearrepublic.com/bear-tracker.




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  • Craig Trexler says:

    I need 12 packs please

  • Dipankar Bhargava says:

    ditto… I would like to order a couple of 12 packs …can you please let me know if that’s possible.

  • Charlie Petit says:

    I was delighted to see a six pack of Double Aught at the north Berkeley Safeway. We drive through Cleverdale a lot so I felt an affinity to your locale. I grabbed it. Great crisp taste, a good Pilsner-Lager. It did not take long to finish it. To my mind however part of the appeal of European Pisners is bubbly heads that last through most of the glassful. If you adjusted the suds factor, surfactants must be involved, toward a more enduring head this would be near perfect. I will probably buy some more. This beats the taste of Scrimshaw pilsner from North Coast. Its taste is at least on par with Trumer (which has a great head).

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