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Growler Wrap
Bear Republic Brewing Company Growler Filling Policy:


We are not filling growlers at our new location in Rohnert Park at this time. We hope to have a growler filling station in the future. 


Due to a change of an existing liquor law by the California Department of ABC, breweries holding Type 23 licenses are now allowed to fill other breweries growlers with the proper legal information and state label approval. We are happy to announce that we will now fill other breweries growlers at our original brewpub in Healdsburg, CA, and are using a new non-obstructive growler tag to make this happen!


To meet the requirements of this law, the 64oz growler will be wrapped with black cellophane to cover the other breweries markings, don’t worry, we will take care of this for you. Do you have a blank 64oz growler? No problem, we can fill that too! All we ask is that the growlers you bring are properly cleaned and ready to accept an amazing fill of beer.


64 oz Refill Prices
$15 for House Ales and Lagers
$20 for Specialty Ales and Lagers
$22 for Seasonal IPA’s
Add $6 if you want one of our amber 64oz growlers to add to your collection.


– Cheers!

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  • Bill Polewchak says:

    Wow! What great news! This arcane law needed to be rescinded a long time ago. I don’t directly benefit, as I’m in CLE, but I had quite a growler collection going while out in Cali hitting all of my favorite breweries. I’m happy to have brought back a BR growler (people get jealous when I take it to fill locally here in OH), but glad that I can get any generic one refilled.
    Hopefully, I’ll be able to fill my BR growler with some Racer 5 LOCALLY ( or in a bottle or any way that I can get it). Please get distribution going back in OH!
    Happy Holidays!

  • Maggy says:

    Awesome news ! Looking forward the Rohnert Park location opening.

  • Maver1ck says:

    The Rohnert Park location with the outside seating is fantastic! I’m going to get some friends to start meeting there for start the weekend parties!

  • Bruce Smith says:

    Can I bring in two unlabeled 32oz “howlers” for 64oz worth of my favorite beer?

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