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  • Oats-Wheat-Rye-What-Adjunct-Grains-Add-to-Your-Beer1Most craft beer drinkers would agree that we love complexity in our beers. The intense flavors, subtle nuances and depth of character provide nearly endless enjoyment and a symposium for opinions, preferences and loyalties.

    So let us take a look at some of the emerging grains that have been playing a bigger role in our beers as brewers look to diversify and differentiate themselves in the ever-expanding world of craft beer.

    The Addition of the Adjunct Grains
    Most of us associate the word ‘adjunct’ with the beers from big brewers, but don’t be alarmed. ‘Adjunct’ means “an addendum” or “a complement to,” and that’s what the “specialty grains” in craft beer do. These grains are used as a complement to barley, to enhance an experience, broaden a flavor or swell mouthfeel. The grains I am referring to are oatmeal, rye and wheat.
    Whether you enjoy the big mouthfeel of an oatmeal stout, the crisp edge of a “rye-P.A.,” or the refreshing, light drinkability of a wheat beer, much of the depth and personality of your beer is due to adjuncts. Surprisingly, these grains have been utilized in beers for hundreds of years, and are now re-emerging in new ways.

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  • What happens when microbrews meet microinverters? You get Bear Republic Brewing Co., an award-winning beermaker that doesn’t have to travel far for agricultural ingredients or solar technology.

    Bear Republic’s latest year-round bottled beer, Grand-Am American Pale Ale, is made with hops from Washington State and processed in fermenters from Northern California, manufactured not far from the brewery itself.

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  • Cambrian Innovation, a water and bioenergy technology provider, and Bear Republic Brewing Company, Inc., known for its high revving IPAs and environmental stewardship, today announced the unveiling of an EcoVolt water treatment system at Bear Republic’s brewery in Cloverdale. The EcoVolt system employs a proprietary bioelectric technology to treat wastewater and generate biogas, transforming waste into an asset. Bear Republic is the first brewery to purchase the energy positive EcoVolt system, which will cut water treatment costs, generate clean water and energy for use on site, and significantly reduce the brewery’s CO2 footprint.

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