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Recycling Tips

The Brewery and Brewpub teams at Bear Republic are committed to making the best choices we can for our favorite mother, Earth.  Utilizing recycled building materials, installing renewable energy sources, and even treating our own wastewater, we do everything we can to reduce our footprint and we hope that you’ll do the same.

RINSE & PEEL, before you recycle

Our aluminum cans go into your regular recycling bin, but try to remember to give them a good rinse and peel the label off first. (Make a cool label art project and share it with us!)  

If you have a separate collector for glass, be sure to rinse and throw our bottles in there. Our bottle caps can go in with the cans.  

Don't forget to Compost

Our 4-pack eco rings are 100% biodegradable, so throw them into your green compost bin, or the bin you put yard waste in.  

Our cardboard to-go containers don’t go into blue recycling bins. In fact, any cardboard that has been soiled with food cannot be recycled, so please throw that in the compost bin too.  

If not properly recycled, consuming beer and eating out can produce quite a bit of waste.

We follow local guidelines here in Sonoma County, but if you're interested in doing more in your city, we recommend you start by following the guidelines set forth by the trash collection agencies in your area.

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